Advisory Board of Directors Member - 2 to 3 hours per month (POSITIONS FILLED)

Great opportunity for a senior executive with business experience in a newly deregulated industry (long distance phone company?), the airline CRS industry or with some other related experience. Spend approximately 2-3 hours per month helping to build an entire new industry and enjoy the benefits of equity participation.

The deregulation of the electric power industry is creating dramatic business opportunities in the way power is marketed. On March 31, 1998, 100% of the population in the state of California will be eligible for Direct Access, which means that customers will be able to choose a power provider from one of 3500 companies across the nation. States other than California are proposing similar regulatory changes.

A VC backed Internet-based start-up company is commercializing technology that that will allow them to become the leading national provider of bill comparison, customer profiling technologies and utility marketing services for these 3500 utility companies seeking to participate in the now deregulated California power market.


Controller - (POSITION FILLED)

On a contract basis (become full time CFO in 3 months and have responsibility for the financial side of the upcoming IPO)

This company is a 10 year old high technology firm located between San Francisco and the Northern California wine country. They are using the Internet and other state of the art technology to provide low cost product distribution and financial settlement services to the largest industry in the world, the travel industry.

They have received substantial venture capital financing from several well known groups and are currently projecting an IPO in 1998. They have an excellent compensation package, including stock options waiting for a quality individual.


There are several other interesting executive positions open in the high technology arena. If you are interested in making a change please let me know by submitting your resume and joining my e-mail list. Please check under the Sales & Marketing and Miscellaneous headings for other positions I am currently recruiting for.

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